The Importance of Internal Investigations

● We have extensive experience in conducting effective, thorough, and defensible investigations of workplace complaints and issues.  Independent investigations can enable employers to take appropriate remedial and disciplinary actions, to defend and support employment decisions, make difficult decisions regarding problematic employees or managers and/or other issues impacting the work environment and employee productivity (particularly, when an unbiased third-party perspective is important), to help establish affirmative defenses, when at issue, and to ensure your workplace is fully compliant with applicable law.

The Benefits of Training Your Workforce and Management

● In addition to our in-depth investigations experience, we are dedicated to providing your employees with the tools to not only ensure compliance with the letter of the law but also the spirit, by training employees and management how to foster and build a respectful, productive, and engaging workplace environment.

Proactive and Preventative Problem-Solving

● Our prior extensive litigation experience helps us to recognize and stop problems before they start, by providing common sense counseling, improvements to employer policies, practices, and procedures, and targeted/relevant workforce training and coaching of managers and employees.

About WVS

Worner Velasco Suarez, PC is a law firm serving clients in the niche areas of investigations, training, and coaching, and HR consulting, audits, & advice, with its principal office located in Houston, Texas and satellite office located in Fargo, North Dakota (where we are available by appointment only).